Money Matters for Women!
Many of us are marvelous mothers and wives. Many of us are successful businesswomen and well-trained professionals. Some of us have lost husbands to illness or accidents,
and many more of us are survivors of divorce - single, working moms who juggle jobs and family and the tension of trying to do it all and do it well. A growing number of us have chosen not to marry or have children - or at least not yet - and are taking care of ourselves by ourselves. Others of us are approaching or in retirement, and a few of us cope with both the benefits and burdens of inherited money.

But no matter who you are, and what challenges you face or successes you have had, you and every woman you know share one common goal: to protect and preserve your financial health and well-being.

Knowing how to manage your own money - how to save, spend, and invest wisely - requires understanding simple concepts that will transform what seems complicated and overwhelming jargon into a set of everyday skills, strategies and techniques that you can apply successfully with ease and confidence.

None of us learned this information in high school, college, or graduate school. Perhaps women weren't expected to become financially literate. Perhaps we didn't think we would have to be. But taking control of our financial lives is ultimately our individual responsibility and it's far easier to accomplish than you might think.

Money Matters for Women was designed specifically to meet the financial education needs of women just like you: to educate, inform and empower you as you take control of your financial present and future.

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I heard Joan Kaplan speak at the Kent Library when she introduced Money Matters for Women to the community. Afterward I scheduled a private one-on-one meeting in my home. I immediately felt that she really cared about our financial situation and had a passion for guiding us to financial security.  Her intuitiveness and direct approach helped me get a clear, positive view of our financial future. My husband and I continue to meet with her periodically. Personal money management is one of the most complicated and overwhelming challenges. To find someone so knowledgeable, clear and understanding is truly a blessing.

Deborah O., Kent, CT


Money Matters for Women is an indispensable workshop for every woman. From sophisticated investor to someone still trying to balance her checkbook, this inspiring seminar series will be a road map to clarifying your goals and demystifying the tools and techniques you need to get there. Joan helps you explore your relationship to money and empowers you with actionable, understandable information that will let you take control of your financial future and avoid common mistakes that can have serious, long-term consequences. This is an educational opportunity not to be missed!

Mindi Wernick, Lee-Nolan & Koroghlian, LLC , NY
(Formally with Northwestern Mutual)

Great job Joan Kaplan! The course contains vital information that can and will empower women to live successful financial lives. In our complex and ever changing world, Money Matters for Women provides the know-how necessary for informed and independent financial decision-making success.

Carole Epstein, Financial Advisor, Smith Barney

Joan Kaplan is one of the most money savvy women I know. With her professional background in the field of financial publishing, her amazing enthusiasm  for the subject, her intelligence and commitment to women - Money Matters for Women is a dynamite seminar series which will leave you a changed person in knowing how to ensure your personal financial health.

Bonnie Wyper, The Corcoran Group Real Estate

Anyone who has an ATM card, credit card, or checking account should consider this workshop! Money Matters for Women is an excellent step-by-step workshop that provides an essential foundation for successfully managing your personal finances. I wish I could have taken this course twenty years ago!

Sheree Tallerman, Director Business Development,
CMC Interactive, LLP

What you don't know CAN hurt you!   In her important and dynamic seminar, Money Matters for Women's Joan Kaplan provides a financial education specifically tailored for today's woman in today's times. And she does so with a unique blend of knowledge, humor, and insight. This experience will leave you delighted, amazed and armed with tools for taking charge of your financial life.

Deborah S. Silver, LCSW,
Co-Founder, Next Dance, Retirement Coaching

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