About Us

About Us
Founder and President

Mrs. Kaplan is Founder and President of Money Matters for Women. With more than fifteen years as a professional communications and education specialist in the financial services industry, she has seen time and again the tremendous gap in many adults' understanding of financial concepts and tools, and clearly recognized the need for actionable education that would help them develop basic knowledge and sound habits of savings, spending, and investing wisely.

To answer the question asked by so many women, especially, "Why didn't someone teach me these things when I was in school?" Mrs. Kaplan developed the content of Money Matters for Women seminars. Drawing on effective, time-tested teaching techniques that emphasize participant participation and conversational informality, Money Matters for Women seminars are tailored specifically to the unique needs of women of all circumstances.

Formerly Executive Vice President and Director of Communications for Investors Press, Inc., Mrs. Kaplan has written extensively on risk and pension management, investment strategies, financial and retirement planning, fiduciary and compliance responsibility. She has authored and edited more than a dozen financial education books, as well as numerous newsletters, industry White Papers and briefing reports.

Before joining Investors Press, Mrs. Kaplan headed Joan Kaplan Fine Art, a well-known advisory and curatorial consulting company that advised global financial institutions on the acquisition of museum-quality fine art collections. In addition, she developed related educational programs, hosted tours and panel discussions featuring leading artists and other art world luminaries.

An accomplished public speaker, Mrs. Kaplan has moderated numerous educational conferences and special group meetings, and has developed the agenda for dozens of industry-wide conferences on retirement planning, risk and pension management. To meet the financial literacy needs of young adults, she founded Money Matters for Kids in 2006 and has delivered educational seminars to high school juniors and seniors throughout the greater New York area in both public and private schools.

She received her B.A. degree with honors from Connecticut College after three years, and has completed graduate course work at Yale University.

Director, Client Services

Corinne has two decades of diversified business experience in the Financial Services Industry at firms including General Electric Credit Corp., Deloitte & Touche, Investors Press, Inc., and most recently with Ericson Financial Services in Washington, Connecticut where she served as the Investment & Securities Administrator.

Formerly an outstanding and much appreciated Conference Manager with Investors Press, Corinne is excited to be working with Joan again. She is committed to the mission of Money Matters for Women and contributes her invaluable experience, endless energy, and proven skills to helping expand its financial education seminars beyond New York to women in Connecticut and throughout New England.

Corinne received a B.A. degree in Business Administration from the Stone Business School, CT.

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